Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh, the difference a year (or three) makes...

The saying goes "time flies when you're having fun" and I couldn't agree more. When it comes to renovating, as fun as it is, there should really be an entirely separate saying for what time does!

The last time I was a dedicated blogger was back in December of 2010.
So why the huge gap of time, you ask?

Those years span the period of time when we were house hunting, then buying, then packing, then moving, then dedicating the next two years to changing as much as we possibly could about our "new to us" house.

Our "new" house (the house you will see on the blog from here on out) was built in 1989. It had no character to speak of, and by way of foil wallpaper and English countryside borders, and maroon (yes, maroon) Formica, this house had its previous owner's name written all over it. Every room we walked into and every time we turned the corner, it screamed "this is not home".
It wasn't "us". Not even a little. So, the transformation was inevitable.
Inevitable, not only because we wanted to make it truly ours,
but because transforming things is what we do!

So little by little, project by project, we are well on our way to making this house completely "us". First up was wallpaper removal, then paint, then decor. The basics. Then a bathroom remodel (goodbye maroon Formica!), and giving our old, hollow core doors a big makeover, and a fireplace makeover much like our previous two from our old house. And the kids' rooms - 1, 2, and 3. And the backyard, moving a pond so that the yard is more useable, and a chicken coop (yes, we finally got our chickens). And adding trim to all of the windows on the front of the house. And tearing up carpet and painting the sub-floor because living with that old carpet was worse than living with the in-between phase until we figure out our flooring choice. And then a huge remodel of our tiny entryway, hallway, and stairwell - the single biggest change to this house that was so badly needed! And...

Of course, we have a wish list that still has plenty on it: kitchen remodel (where green Formica is the star), hardwood flooring throughout the main floor, french doors leading to the backyard from both the family room and the dining room, a deck that runs the length of the entire house, a wider opening between the kitchen and family room, a new master bathroom for us, a closet makeover, etc.

 The list goes on, which is exciting (really exciting!) because for the first time, we're finally in a house that we plan on calling home for a very, very long time! We have time to dream and plan and turn those plans into reality.

Every single thing we've done to this house has been followed by Will saying, "Are you taking pictures? You should be blogging this." For him, it's a no brainer. Having a visual record of every change we've made is incredibly satisfying! Don't get me wrong, it is for me too. But I also consider all of the hours that blogging takes. It's a commitment. I just need to find a way to do it differently than I had before. A new way for me to document. I can't deny the value that it holds for us in capturing the memories and the progress. So, until I get back into the swing of things...

If you would like to see what we've been up to, it's all on my Instagram:
Username:   karlaswoveland

And I still update my Facebook Page:

And there is always Pinterest:
Username:   karlaswoveland

 For those of you that are new here, (and by "new" I mean post-dedicated-blogging era), welcome!

For those that never left, thanks for sticking around!

And to everyone that has sent comments and messages, thank you. Your words are inspiring! Oh, and Will thanks you too! I think he's more excited than anyone about my return to blogging! ;)




Heidi said...

I'm one of the dedicated blog followers who checks to see if we've managed to lure you back to blogging. I always enjoyed your posts. Congratulations on your new home and making it "yours". I will have to check out your Instagram photos. It's good to "see" you.

~Heidi in Bellevue

Brandi said...

Oh Karla, you have no idea how happy I am to see your blog show up again in my reader. Your blog is the first blog I discovered. You inspired me to create my own. Congratulations on your new home. So excited to see you back!!!

Nancy Wiebel said...

Karla, I'm not on Instagram but I do Pinterest and I'll enjoy seeing the transformation on your boards there.

Thanks for sharing,


Karla said...
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